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The Most Effective Window Treatments for Window Seats

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The Most Effective Window Treatments for Window Seats


The Best Window Treatments
for Window Seats.

If your home already has a window seat or you’re thinking about getting one, you might be wondering what window coverings will work best. You’ve arrived at the right place!

Considers when you are buying Window Seat Blinds.

  • Since people are sitting at this window, consider a treatment that is sufficiently soft or durable to retain it. In window seats with glass on three sides, this is especially important. For softness and durability, we recommend Roman Shades, Woven Wooden Shades, or Roller Shades.
  • Wood Blinds, Faux Wood Blinds, or Cellular Shades are not to be recommended for window seats, because they may be damaged if people lean at them.
  • Consider mounting curtains outside the opening of the window for a true Luxurious feel, which can be shut to make a cozy retreat.
  • Consider a wireless or motorized lift to make shades easier to open in a deeper window. Furthermore, the shades for children without exposed cords are safer for children with whom small children might be tented.
  • Roller Shades
  • If you have young children, consider Royal Blinds roller shades or solar shades, which can be wiped down for easy cleaning. Don’t forget the cordless lift for added safety!
  • Consider a Roman Shade or Roller Shade in a coordinating fabric if your window seat has a cushion or bench. In addition, some colors come with coordinating pillows. Speak with one of our designers to learn more about this custom option.

Royal Blinds Premium Roman Shades

  • If your window seat doubles as a plant haven, consider Solar Shades, which let in plenty of light while blocking heat and glare.

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