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Smart Solutions

Unique solutions, blending technology, innovation, quality, and design. Automation and control systems for awnings, blinds, curtains and skylight now with integrated management through smart intuitive interfaces: practical, functional and elegant solutions for the ideal way to live in every space.

Motorized Blinds and Shades are usually operated by remote control.To allow you total control of your blinds when you are at home or away you can even add a Smartphone control functionality that provides you with the same comfortable shading of a roller blind, but with the convenience of having full control at your fingertips.

With a huge selection of fabrics and designs to choose from, our Smart Solutions are the ideal choice in terms of the technology behind the aesthetics. Driven by an integrated motor that is hidden from sight, our motorized roller binds can be powered by a rechargeable battery or directly from your mains supply.

Benefits of our Smart Solutions in UAE include much-needed privacy in a crowded area, motorized blinds do not let excess sunlight, dust and other pollutants enter your room. With Royal Blinds Smart Solutions like Sun Shades and Drapes, harmful UV and IR rays cannot enter your room.

Architects, Designers and Engineers find their ideal partner in Royal Blinds, always ready to provide complete support during project design, installation and implementation.

Smart Drapes

Control your window shades with an app.

Smart Sun Shades

Air is the new touchless transmitter which gives you the ability to control automation systems for blinds and curtains with simple gesture.

Smart Blinds

Control your window shades using one voice command.

Smart Blinds - New

Control your window shades using one voice command.