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External Shades

Professional Project Management from start to finish

External Shades

External Blinds and shades are the best option to keep yourself and your belongings protected from the wind, rain, sun and insects. They filter the wind passing making your space cool during summers as they reflect the heat as well.

External shade products also serve as the saver of electricity bills. They keep your furniture protected from dirt and dust. For complete protection, we have an option of side welded zips which lock the fabric strongly into the side tracks, helping you make the perfect outdoor space. External Blinds are perfect for the BBQ area, Patio area, Balcony, Front Porch and Windows.

At Royal Blinds we have a wide variety of external shade products in Dubai that have been designed to provide protection from the elements, utilizing the versatile medium of structural fabrics. Our diverse range of products enables us to provide you with not just an aesthetically pleasing product but also a product that is safe and functional.

Selecting external blinds requires great effort and knowledge especially for those who enjoy outdoor living and entertainment. It is better to spend a little extra time deciding which style of external blinds suits best in your home than to regret it later on, but our shading experts are here to help make this process easier with advice and full-scope services.

We have countless design options for external blinds in Dubai and UAE. Each style has its own grace and functionality, as well as at an affordable cost even of the custom made shades, which makes them the go-to choice for even the most demanding customers.

Our external blinds in UAE have the highest quality fabric structures. Our expertise in planning, design, engineering, construction, and installations means that we guarantee professional management of your project from start to finish. Using the latest structural and finite element analysis software such as Forten4000, specialized high-quality fabrics and hardware, modern patenting systems and outstanding staff, we specialize in the high-end architectural membrane markets.

We also specialize in the design, manufacture, and installation of custom made tension membrane shade sails and structure for commercial and residential application such as schools, playgrounds, swimming pools, sporting venues, shop facades, shopping centers, car parking, clubs, hotels, walkways, villas, patios, etc. Being one of the few in the country with the skills to fabricate these specialty products, we have gained a reputation within our industry for our ability to supply first-class structures in quality second to none. We lead the way by constantly researching and developing our structure to suit our clients’ needs and design.

Our retractable shades sail shades, tensile shades, pergolas, awnings and other exterior shade products create a concealed outdoor environment that is comfortable and cozy. We use durable and long-lasting fabric, withstanding elements easily and can be easily maintained both for stationary and retractable styles. These blinds go on with any setting because of the versatility of designs, themes, pattern, material, and color.

Our Screeny Horizontal Blinds provide shade for outdoor areas together with windows, decks, and patios. Likewise, we provide stunning Canopies in different shapes, colors and sizes based on the outdoor applications in UAE.

Aside from Shade Sails and Tensile Shade Structures, we also specialize in commercial-style Awnings which are fully wind rated. We supply awnings and retractable shades that are architecturally designed, technologically advanced, simple to use, and entirely made in Italy with international certification and patents. These are designer awnings with innovative style and technique, fine furnishing objects to admire visually and functionally, able to match both with classic and modern architecture.

Along with being solution providers for external shade products in Dubai and UAE, we promote a wide range of high-quality aluminium roller shutter covers for doors and windows in three systems: electric motorized system, manual system, and electric motorized with a manual control system.