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Abdul Manan Career Journey

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Abdul Manan Career Journey

Q-When did you join this organization, what drove you to join?

On this day 26 years back, I started my career here in the United Arab Emirates as a Technician and what really drove me is how the company could teach me skills that I needed to learn to be the greatest leader. After two years I got promoted as a supervisor then operations in charge.

Q-What are the challenges you faced during your career journey here in Royal Blinds?

The major challenge was to work with diverse nationalities and to help them to work as a family.

Q-What have you learned, and you want to share with people who want to join our organization?

I was recruited as a skilled technician to work in motorized blinds awnings and shutters. Later by analyzing my work the management has provided me product training with leading manufactures and sculpted my career.

Our organization provides a perfect ecosystem to nurture our skills and the management will work best in our interest. As a fresher, this organization has an outlook to fuel your passion and reward you with unbelievable exposers and perks.

I’d like to thank my recruiter, my hiring manager, and my team for extending amazing support throughout the recruiting process and in onboarding me here at Royal Blinds.

If you want to join our organization and become part of Royal Blinds family, please feel free to send us your updated resume at

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