Corporate Social Responsibility

The UK Gulf Centre for Studies and Business in Partnership with Al Tareq for Humanitarian NGO & Therapeutic Diet Initiative NGO Under Article 7.1.17 of UKGC book of legality and president approve awarded Royal Blinds LLC a certificate with honour as an Ambassador of Giving associated with Quality of Training and Educational Corporation in UK. It is a certificate of honour awarded in recognition of studies and humanity researches for the year 2018.

The certificate was awarded during the Therapeutic Diet Conference held at Armani Hotel (Burj Khalifa) on 21st April 2018. This certificate was received on behalf of the Partners of Royal Blinds by the General Manager, Mr. Julius Kinyera.

At Royal Blinds LLC, Corporate Social Responsibility is embedded in the core of our business operations, and we strongly believe that it is our responsibility to give back to the community.